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Re: [Rabbits] Pocket-sized chess set?

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I'm sure there are plenty of graphics available of chess pieces. Why not print them on label stock in the two colors and mount them on heavy cardboard or those foam craft sheets scrapbookers and school children use cut into circles or poker chips, flat wooden circles or squares or even buttons, depending on the size of the squares on the bandanna? You can put the pieces in a small drawstring bag. They'd be flat like checkers, but more portable than 3D chess pieces. You can get the foam sheets or the pre-cut wood circles at Michael's Crafts or Jo-Ann's Fabrics. If you color the backsides of the pieces in two colors, the set can double for checkers. Your brother will appreciate it more that you went to the trouble of making a chess set for him. If the whole chess piece project sets you back more than $10.00 I'd be very surprised.

Or you could pay me $25.00 and I'd make the set for you, including the drawstring bag. All I'd need are the dimensions of the squares on bandanna so I can make the pieces smaller than the squares, the fee and your address. I can accept payment through Paypal, using the email address Elise0511@xxxxxxxxxxxx.
Elise Dee Beraru

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---- DataPacRat wrote:
> My brother likes wearing bandannas, and likes Chess - so, for his
> birthday (Jul 24), I've ordered him the Chessboard Bandanna, from
> http://www.warehouse23.com/item.cgi?LAB018 .
> Now, it's hard to play chess without chess pieces, so to make his
> present even better, I'm hoping to find some sort of pocket-sized
> chess set. The only ones I've been able to find online are the
> magnetic boards, which kind of defeat the purpose of the bandanna.
> Ideally, something the size of a credit card or two, or would
> otherwise fit inside a wallet, would be perfect; maybe even something
> based on those new pop-open-and-assemble cards (ala that pirate CCG).
> Does anybody know of anything being sold along these lines?
> Thank you for your time,
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