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Re: [Rabbits] Origins 2006 by Amy LoCurto - Medallions

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  • DateThu, 06 Jul 2006 18:07:33 +0000
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From: SuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Amy 
> LoCurto has submitted.
> Title: Origins 2006
> ... Not to say I didn't spend time in the lab.  After several 
> unsuccesful attempts to acquire a medallion though Fluxx and Chrono, I conceeded 
> and went back to teaching others games.  I had a lot of fun teaching IceTowers 
> and Volcano ...

And I see in retrospect you taught me a thing or two about Volcano:
 - Anyone who's in the finals is probably pretty damn good, so always take 
   the time to find and make the most severe moves possible.
 - Be careful of leaving non-standard eruptions.

There are one or two other specific things I could mention, but I don't want anyone (else) to use them against me next year.  :)

My hat's off to the Volcano medallion winner for a finals game very well played.


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