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[Rabbits] Pursuing a LL Vendor for Furry Conventions and a Request...

  • Fromswift@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 1 Aug 2006 09:32:20 -0700
Hello Looneys and Fellow Rabbits,

Looney Labs games have been run at Furry Conventions, well at least Midwest Fur
Fest in Chicago, since Silaria and I have been rabbits.  Since then, we've been
doing our part to host Looney Lab's game demos at the various furry conventions
we tend to frequent and where LL Game Demos aren't already being hosted:
Morphicon and Anthrocon.  Well, we've come to realize that unlike gaming
conventions, none of the vendors at Furry Conventions carry any Looney Lab's
games making it difficult to direct players to a vendor to purchase a copy of
the game they just demo'ed.

Well that may be changing.  Sil and I have discovered a small comic book and
cards vendor who has been frequenting several of the east coast conventions and
all of the one's we attend and run games at; M & T Comics and Cards,
www.mntcomics.com  It may be forward of me, but I've contacted Mike Lutrario of
M & T and filled him in on the Looney Labs product line in the hopes that he may
 contact the Looneys and provide a source of Looney Lab's games at furry

Now I know there are a few of you here who are involved in the Furry Fandom and
attend a few of the following conventions: Furry Weekend Atlanta (GA),
Morphicon (OH), Anthrocon (PA), Mephit Furmeet (TN), FurFright (CT) and Midwest
Fur Fest (IL).  These are the conventions M & T are currently planning to set up
at.  If we can bring these folks on board to help us out, we need to help them
out by carrying on LL Game Demo's at these events also.

Sil and I have run demos for the past two years at furry conventions and they've
been exceptionally popular and well received.  "Are you a Werewolf" is an
instant crowd pleaser with any group of furry fans.

So I guess this is as much a heads up to Josh and the Looneys to look for M & T
to contact you and a request for help from my fellow Rabbits to help promote
Looney Lab's games at these other furry conventions if they're nearby.

That's it.

Swift Fox
Pittsburgh Warren
The fox in the rabbit hutch