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  • FromAndrew Plotkin <erkyrath@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 16 Aug 2006 14:51:04 -0400 (EDT)
On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Steven R. Black II wrote:

I, too, see Treehouse as more of a luck game. However, its use of
short term strategy gives me the opportunity to win. Chance asside, I
do see strategy in the game - watching other's moving their pices and
attempting to figure out what shape they want. It's a blast!

I wonder if there's a variation in it where you can't see anybody else's trio.

I guess you wouldn't see most of the moves. It would have to involve a lot more house-changing. Well, it would have to be a different game. But the idea of trying to guess other people's trios *purely* by the changes they make to some visible information, that has potential.


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