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Re: [Rabbits] [Event] GenCon 2006 by Amy LoCurto

  • FromMarc Hartstein <marc.hartstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 23 Aug 2006 17:15:28 -0400
On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 02:30:09PM -0400, Shane Tilton wrote:
> The amazing/scary/weird part was that I believe we complete sold out of the
> AYAW? Ribbons. (Josh, was that 500 or more ribbons?) It seemed we had new
> players every night. I thought it would quit around midnight everything.
> There was one point were we had 8 villages going at the same time. 6 in
> front of the lab and 1 in front of the 500 Ballroom and 1 inside the
> ballroom with 15 to 21 villagers in each village. WOW!!!!!!!! 

Josh told me during the convention that he'd brought 200 IANAW ribbons.
We didn't actually run out until Saturday night, but there were a bunch
of people who never got one (many of whom kindly gave us tickets
anyway).  I don't know what the ticket counts ended up looking like, but
I'd guess we could have easily sold another 50 ribbons if we'd had them;
possibly more.

I wasn't counting the villages not in the hallway outside the Lab,
partly because I never went to look for them, and partly because I
assumed part of the reason people were playing in other locations was to
play with larger or variant villages . . . that is, not the Looney Way.  (I
know there were some variant and experimental games near the Lab, too,
but I also know they were clearly advertised to their players as such.)
That said . . . wow.

> The second point is that GenCon is going to being losing space for one or
> two years. (Check out page 37 in the GenCon program under GM Rewards) What
> we may have to consider is using one of the other hotel ballroom or meeting
> spaces for the Lab space. That could allow us to more space for AYAW?, Giant
> Treehouse and other space similar to how we use it at Origins.

Unless all of boardgaming is moving into the same hotel (and possibly
even then), I think it would be best to stay in the convention center if
at all possible.  AYAW? and the giant pyramid games draw a lot of people
in to play demos because they're eye-catching and in public,
high-traffic areas.  I think we could lose a lot of that energy if we
weren't somewhere that a good chunk of the convention is already walking

Should we be taking what's becoming general GenCon Follow-Up and
planning for next year over to the Gencon list?


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