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[Rabbits] Running a Demo

  • From"MacKenzie Stuart" <prismatism@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 4 Sep 2006 11:38:42 -0700
Hello all,

I popped over to my friendly neighborhood gaming store (Games of
Berkeley, if any of you are local) and talked to the event coordinator
about running a demo. She's excited about the idea, so we'll start
planning once her schedule calms down a little bit.

Looking through the Demo Rabbit materials, I feel like I'm stuck in
between Mini and Little Experiment. I'm on my own for the planning, so
a Little Experiment is out. At the same time, I'm hosting at a local
gaming store, which seems a tad out of the scope of a Mini Experiment.

Beyond that, I was wondering if any of you had demoed Treehouse and
how that had gone. There aren't stickers for it yet - what do I do? It
feels like all the Rabbit materials are a bit out of date and I'm
hoping to get some more current advice from Rabbits who are currently
out there multiplying.

Thanks for helping a newly upgraded Demo Rabbit (Blabbing was so much
easier!) get her feet wet.

Berkeley, California