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[Rabbits] Atlanta Warren, FINALLY! And some post-DragonCON stuff...

  • From"David Tyberg" <dfunkmale@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 4 Sep 2006 21:52:57 -0400
	Greetings to all my fellow Atlanta rabbits both ITP and OTP.
While I'm still hot on momentum from DragonCON, I finally went ahead and
formed a Greater ATL rabbit warren for us.  If I remembered seeing you
at DragonCON, I invited you to join.  If you live within a couple hours
of I285, you should join up!  Let's get organized!  Or something.  Maybe
get a separate email list going for local stuff?  Set up some demos?
Monthly meetings at a central location for games and socialness?  Be
more prepared for DragonCON next year??  (Not that we didn't do great,
but we kinda had to fly by the seat of our pants.)  Whaddya say?!  

	Speaking of DragonCON, we are missing a game.  (Oh no!)  If
anybody has a Pandora's Box with the name "Glenn" written on the bottom,
containing (hopefully) a Chrononauts deck, it belongs to my housemate
and she'd like it back.  Also, we wound up with an extra Treehouse tube
and die.  Lastly, playing with the giant treehouse die was way cool.
Who do I need to send it back to?  

My event report will be forthcoming.

Love and games,