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  • From"Marissa Wills" <crystallineangel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 8 Sep 2006 11:13:38 -0400
Thank goodness someone decided to post these. I've gotten about ten digests in the past day alone about this. Just let it rest, already! It's annoying to sort through all these extraneous e-mails looking for the ones actually about Rabbit stuff, like Shane's AYAW? Challenge.

I don't mind intelligent discussion, but this isn't the place for it.


Marissa "don't have a rabbit nickname yet" Wills

On 9/8/06, rabbits-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <rabbits-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Rabbits Discussion list is an unmoderated listserv. We want it to be a
happy place. Because of the recent postings, we at Looney Labs have felt it
necessary to communicate the following list guidelines.

What topics are appropriate for the Rabbits Mailing List?
* Constructive discussions of Looney Labs games
* Planning, organizing, and attending events
* Demo'ing and demo'ing techniques
* How to start a game group/warren
* ....and other clearly Rabbit related topics

What is inappropriate behavior?
In order to maintain the Rabbit mailing list as a happy place, everyone is
asked to refrain from insulting behavior, profanity, vulgarity,
derogatory/defamatory/abusive/threatening/offensive remarks, blatant
advertising for personal or corporate services, personal attacks, any form
of harassment to members, disregard of members' privacy, or any illegal
remarks. Looney Labs will inform anyone who is in violation in a personal
email message and will ask him/her to refrain from any further egregious

Flaming is not tolerated. A "flame" is an emotionally charged posting that
may be seen as personally insulting or derogatory.
Looney Labs insists that there will be NO FLAMING, EVER. Strong opinions,
healthy disagreement and civil discussion are welcome, but flaming will not
be tolerated. Offenders will be warned by Looney Labs and possibly put into
moderation mode, and repeat offenses will result in the offender being
removed from the list.

What is general list etiquette?
* Keep your questions and comments relevant to the focus of the discussion
group (on-topic).
* Remember that these discussions are "public" and meant for constructive
* Be professional and respectful about what you say about other people
(watch your manners).
* Be careful about the use of sarcasm and humor as these can be hard to
convey in email. Humor can be too subtle and your joke may be viewed as
* Do not flame minor errors like typos or grammar.
* Reduce quoting and keep signatures lines to a reasonable length.
* Do not ask for technical help such as list removal or email address
changes to the list.  Email the list administrator for assistance (see
contact info below).
* Don't send "Me Too!", "Thank You", etc. messages to the group! Send those
out to the individuals email address directly. A private "Thank You" is
nicer too!

Who do I contact?
- For administrative requests: Contact the listserv administrator at either
Rabbits-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or empl13@xxxxxxx
- For problems or questions relating to the mailing list: Contact Robin
Vinopal at robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
- For on-topic questions and help: Contact Josh Drobina, Rabbit
Coordinator, at josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Useful Links:
* General list information page:
* Rabbits Archives:


Robin Vinopal
Director of Operations
Looney Labs
Phone: 301-441-1019   Fax: 301-441-4871
P.O. Box 761, College Park, MD 20741
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