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[Rabbits] [Event] EcoFluxx Tournament & LL Demos by Patrick Rockhill

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  • DateFri, 20 Oct 2006 11:44:56 -0400
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Title: EcoFluxx Tournament & LL Demos
Location: Morphicon 2006, Columbus, OH
Date: May 5-7, 2006

Silaria, Xavier and I went from opening ceremonies to the room next door to run our first preliminary round of EcoFluxx from 1pm until 3pm. This would likely be the litmus to how well the convention would receive the tournament. Surprisingly, we had three tables going with 13 players total for our first round. We learned a few things from the first round that we carried over to the other sessions. The first was that two hours was cutting it close on enough time to get three tables to play down to two game winners so we could host a semi-final. To solve this after about 90 minutes of play, anyone who didn?t have a win was asked to step away, leaving those who had one win to play one more game among them to determine who would go to the semi-final round. 

Thus the semi-final round was run as a sudden death round due to time.  The first to win would move on to the final round to be played on Sunday.  Chad Kiser was our first semi-finalist.  Chad was a complete newbie to the game and that just goes to show that while there?s some skill to the game, it?s as much luck of the draw as anything else. 

We went right from the first round of the Fluxx tourney to setting up a village for two hours of ?Are You a Werewolf?? between 3pm and 5pm.  The popularity of AYaWW at furry cons was quite evident when the first village of eight players grew to 14 the second time around and remained between 12 and 14 for the entire two hour block.

The second round of the Fluxx Tournament, from 9pm until 11pm only drew five players.  So we ran one table of five. At the end of an hour and fifteen minutes and 4 games, we invited the individuals who had not yet won a game to return tomorrow and try again. The remaining four who had won played one last thirty minute, nail biting round until finally Lou Leghorn took the game when another player was forced to play a goal that gave Lou the win. 

The three of us cleaned up ?the Lab? and hurried over to Factory Square to set up our second village of the day for another two hours of ?Are You a Werewolf?? from 11pm to 1am.  This time we were running opposite the fursuiter?s dance and we had three or four costumed animal characters taking up residence in our small village from time to time. This proved interesting in not only sharing what part each played in each game but in watching them pantomime those roles.  Again, AYaWW proved just as popular as the dance as we continued to have full villages again and again until we had to wrap it up at 1am.

Our third preliminary round was set for Saturday at 9am until 11am. Again we were able to host one table of four which grew to five for the tournament. As the morning progressed, other convention attendees stopped in and sat down to play some pick up games of Fluxx outside of the tournament. The third round was over in two games however as Javi Roo sweeped the competition. The other players continued to play Fluxx and other Looney Lab?s games for fun and practice however until our two hour block was over.

As we opened the fourth and final round of the tournament from 4pm until 6pm, many of the faces had become familiar.  Those who had come close to winning in the previous rounds of play returned to give it another go. We were able to seat two tables of five for the fourth round. We had another quick winner from the second table but the first table of players was racking up one win here and there and we had to intercede and remove any player without a win so that the remaining three could duke it out to see who would play the winner from table two. The second, semi-final match up of the tournament was turning out to be another nail biting round. We had a bit more time left, so we continued with the two wins to move on rule. In the end, our last contestant was Joe Silverhand who took both games back to back in the semi-finals.

We postponed the Fluxx Finals for 15 minutes so the finalists could partake in the ice cream social which they much appreciated. At 4:15 everyone took their seats, the rules were explained again, and the game was afoot. It was all over in two games which together took about 45 minutes and Joe Silverhand swept the competition. I took a moment to snap a few pictures of the winner and finalists with their prizes, then we unloaded Stoner Fluxx again and folks continued to play Looney Labs games until it was nearly time for closing ceremonies.

I excused myself and grabbed a seat on the end of the stage with the four prizes ready for my opportunity to address the convention, call up the winners and award the prizes donated by Looney Labs.  Each of the following Semi-Finalists took home a copy of Eco-Fluxx used during the tournament:  Chad Kiser, Lou Leghorn and Javi Roo.  Joe Silverhand was awarded the Grand Prize, a set of Fluxx and Flowers.

The success of the Fluxx Tournament as part of the programming was not lost on the Chairperson of the convention.  After they announced that next year?s theme was ?Techno-Furs,? as in Furs and Technology, they asked us if there was a Looney Lab?s game that would synch up with that theme to run a tournament with next year.  Silaria, Xavier and I looked at each other, smiled and answered in surround sound, ?We sure do!  It?s called Chrononauts!?