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[Rabbits] store ordering

  • From"Kimberly Terrill" <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 6 Dec 2006 22:48:53 -0500
The game store I frequent orders Looney Lab Merchandise via a distributor. The guy I chatted briefly with (who is not in charge or ordering for the store) said he thought that maybe they didn't have big enough orders to order their merchandise directly through LL. I was curious as to whether there is a specific amount required for a store to order? Actually, the real destination to this  inquiry is.. I wondered if I should mention to the store to purchase directly from LooneyLab. I would tend to think they would save money if they 'skipped the middle man'. Which could result in a slightly lower price on the store shelves;  which customers would appriciate. Actually I have not purchased from them yet, becuase they stock so little I like there to be something on shelf when I am doing my little demos.
Though they did have a little more on the shelf last week. Maybe my demos generated some sales for them.
Oh, and they DO have one of those display cases (that I asked about earlier), they just don't use because they don't have they counter space. I asked him if they could use it on my next demo, so people interested could easily find them. (he said he'd get it out next time)

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