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[Rabbits] Looney Labs game day at Ivory Tower Games - Lebanon, Ohio

  • Fromdean@xxxxxxxxxx
  • DateThu, 7 Dec 2006 14:00:33 -0500 (EST)
I've been in talks with the owner of Ivory Tower Games in Lebanon, Ohio -
http://www.ivory-tower-games.com/. He has the POP display, but doesn't
have Tree House, he has about 4 stash tubes and most of the other games,
Chrononauts, Fluxx, the new expansions, AYAW.  He's not played anything
but Fluxx, and he wants to do a Looney Game Day in January.  He has a
regular board game night on Tuesdays, and a "Big Board Game" Saturday, and
a Family Game Day on a Saturday- it's the Family Game Day in January that
he'd like to do the Looney Games.  I've played a few of the Icehouse
games, IceTowers, Homeworlds, Treehouse and a few others from Playing with
Pyramids, as well as Fluxx. I only have IceTowers and Fluxx.  Are there
other rabbits that are in the area that might be able to help with this?
I've never demo'ed or attended a demo before.

The actual date is not yet set, more than likely the middle of the month.
I'm in the middle of a 500 mile move, and may not be able to commit to
January, but if I know there'll be at least one other rabbit, I will
schedule it with him.

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