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Re: [Rabbits] Yeah! I got Mail!

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 8 Dec 2006 03:48:04 -0600
Next week, when we can chat about things more openly, it will be easier to talk about balance and what-not, but I do know this...

.... left handed people have no particular advantage with random placements than anyone else does.  I know... I've actually been able to use a prototype of the Holiday Gift in a game-type setting and I'm left handed.  Didn't help me a bit.  But randomness was the best thought for all, especially in the beginning.

Does that help?

-she who's still waiting for her own holiday card, along with a bunch of other Rabbits - so THANK you for keeping it a secret just a bit longer....  

On 12/7/06, Steven R. Black II <srblack1167@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm just trying to figure out the best way to use it and keep it a
balanced beginning when using it...

Only time will tell... Maybe not...


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