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[Rabbits] [Event] Demo by Kimberly Terrill

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  • DateSat, 13 Jan 2007 20:06:44 -0500
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Title: Demo
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Date: January 13, 2007

Looney Lab Game Demo. BB&C Jan 13. 2PM

Another Great Demo, if I do say so myself. John Paul was nice enough to drive down from Cedarville and help me out. I am guessing it was about a 40 minute drive for him, but I am bad with that stuff. I was glad he came. He has been doing Looney Lab stuff a lot longer than I have and it was nice to someone else in the know to help with rules and demonstrating. (Plus he has more goodies than I do know how to play Zendo)

It was a bit slow at first. John Paul and I played Martian Backgammon, then we were joined by two others for Treehouse and Fluxx. A 5th arrived and we played a round of 5 player Martian Coaster. That was bit different. I have played 5 person a few times before, but this was the first time a player had to leave. We were about 2/3  the way through and couldn?t take away the extra coaster without messing things up. So we played the rest of the game as 4 person, but with 5 coaster. 

Later we played a Zendo. John Paul taught us. One of the store owners played, too. He had played once before. THANKS John Paul. I wanted to play that game for a while now.

Then a game of 6-player Fluxx.

I handed out 3 Fluxx Promo cards and 4 Aquarius WILDS. John Paul handed out a couple cards, too.

Almost everyone we played was new to games. A couple had played Treehouse or  Fluxx before, but  some had not played any Looney Lab games. The place cleared out about then. John Paul had to head out as well.(approx. 4:15) I almost left, but hung around a few more minutes and a new group of people came in. I taught Treehouse to 4 others who had never played and Looney Games before. Then I taught a game of Martian Chess to one of the customers that had played 6 player Fluxx with us. 

I left at around 5:20. The store owners want me to come demo monthly there for them. Yeah! 

I brought Hershey Kisses this time. They weren?t that big of a hit, but a few people took some. (they do look neat on the Martian Backgammon board, though) It?ll be cookies again next time!

John Paul can correct me if I missed anything.


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