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RE: [Rabbits] Zombie Fluxx!

  • From"Jennifer Waddington" <very_evil_kitten@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 15 Apr 2007 17:26:25 +0100

I also am not a fan of gratuitous gore shots, but I can recommend 'Shaun of the Dead'. Yes, it's a black comedy zombie movie, but it neatly summarises pretty much every zombie movie convention in one place (and yes, I admit that it then subverts them, but it's easy to figure out the originals from it). Since no playtesting will be making it over to the UK, I shall unleash my ninjas from the Zombie Conga Line Appreciation Society!


P.S. You do NOT want to know the story behind the Society. Really. It's fairly dull.

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