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[Rabbits] [Event] Event at PUC, Santiago, Chile by Tamara Fendez

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  • DateWed, 18 Apr 2007 17:13:50 -0400
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Title: Event at PUC, Santiago, Chile
Location: Universidad Catolica, PUC
Date: 4/14/07

I believe that this was the first time Looneylabs games were openly demonstrated "in society" -the Santiago gamer society, that is. We have a reduced number of gamers in our country, and before we did, no store had carried any LL games. The event had mild success itself, because this was the first for the organizers, but they already secured our help as store and as demo team for the next one. 
I missed having stickers and freebie cards, but we used some promotional tokens as prizes this time.

The games we demonstrated non-stop during the day were Fluxx, Treehouse, and AYAW. We brought our display and gave away card catalogs to everyone who participated in the demos. Treehouse pyramids caught some interest from the people (i am thinking giant coloful cardboard pyramids played outdoors for the next time, any ideas for a d-6?) but fluxx and AYAW were quite celebrated (especially AYAW, because we brought the demo to the organization crew who were unable to play other things)

A couple of the pics we were sent:

Public: ~80 ppl
Demos: nonstop for 6 hours.