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RE: [Rabbits] RE: Scientific Fluxx

  • From"Chris Simms" <liquidbeard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 29 Jun 2007 09:26:52 +0100

>Science is a broad topic, of course... I mean, ecology is a science
>itself. What do you imagine as the subject of a "science" deck?
>Other than flashbacks to a classroom in high school.
>I'm not sure that a Science deck per se would work. But Chemistry,
>Astronomy, etc have potential.

I actually thought about this while I was writing and I have to say that I totally agree. I'm just worried that the cost of the cards would outweigh the benefits and I was naiively hoping to lump them all together. If there was just one science deck I would put elements of chemisty, physics and maybe biology together. They can mix and match goal-wise in fields of physical chemisty, biochemistry, etc. I don't see anything wrong with a flashback to a classroom in high school, I enjoyed my science classes :). It's a bit convoluted though, and I couldn't agree more with the individual packs. Maybe another survey is in order, to see how many people would buy or stock such variants or boosters. I'd pick up a chem pack any day. Still, gives me plenty of ideas for some blanxx!

As for religion mentioned earlier (sorry, too lazy to copy and paste today) I understand that hinduism isn't a fringe religion, but how many packs would you have to make to stock the necessary area, and then in turn how many would you sell? Buddism, or Zen, would sell better I agree. That knowledge comes from countless games of Zendo. But I think that it's because it has non-Zen player appeal and I'm not sure how many people would spend money on a Hinduism pack or booster when they can pick up some Blanxx (they're still out there, people, if you know where to look!)


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