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[Rabbits] [Event] BBB-6/23/07 by Jim McMahon

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 29 Jun 2007 22:12:19 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Jim McMahon has submitted.

Title: BBB-6/23/07
Location: Biff Bam Boom, Springfield, MA
Date: 6/23/07

I held an Are You A Werewolf game demo in the evening, where we had 15 people show up and we played several games. I had my Werewolf T-shirt that I got from you guys, and after the demo there were 6 people who purchesed the game. I gave one participant a new deck of Fluxx as a bonus, as well as several promo cards.