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[Rabbits] [Event] Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium 4 by Dennis Duquette

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  • DateSun, 1 Jul 2007 18:12:16 -0400
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Title: Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium 4
Location: Pandemonium Books & Games
Date: 28 June 2007

The fourth weekly Looney Labs Demo in the arena at Pandemonium Books & Games (http://www.pandemoniumbooks.com/) in Cambridge, MA took place on Thursday, 28 June 2007.

I again wore my Mad Lab Rabbit badge clipped to my shirt collar and set up pyramids, the chessboard bandana and the card decks as attention-getting devices. Over the course of the night the three Pencil & Paper RPGs were again being played nearby in the arena.

Another Rabbit had set up a demo for this day back when the store and I were planning the weekly Looney Labs night, so we met via email and combined demos for this night.

The first game of the night was Chrononauts, with the other Rabbit and a player who learned of the event from the store's email newsletter. This was a short game (we Rabbits patched the first two paradoxes of the game, which had set the timeline for the other player to win by going home on his third turn). During the shuffling for another game, two more players arrived and we started a five player game. In the middle, we dealt another player in when he arrived. When the six player Chrononauts game concluded, Steve suggested we split up and run different games, which we did at adjacent tables in the arena.

I had three players then. We had a four player game of Martian Chess, followed by with another with the same players. The second game was interrupted when one player had to leave, so the rest of us scrapped the game. One of the players was asking what is included when one buys the pyramids. The natural result of the explanation was a game of Treehouse, immediately followed by two more. During the conversations over these games I handed each player a copy of ICE-7. We concluded with a game of Zendo, which went well, but ended when the players had to leave. I just told them the rule I was using (A koan had the Buddha nature when it had exactly one small pyramid).

At this time there was less than a half an hour remaining until the store was to close. One of the players from the other Rabbit's group asked me about the weekly Looney Labs night. We discussed it for a few minutes, and he plans to be there next week with another player, too.

The store has either not sold any Looney Labs merchandise or has replaced any sales since Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium 3.