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[Rabbits] RE:AYAW expansion

  • FromPhillip Newbury <hypnoga@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 7 Sep 2007 20:24:57 -0400
>From what I have seen since first being introduced to AYAW a few years ago that the larger groups tend to be those that play with the non-detective players.  A lot more of the mob mentality comes into play with these type of groups.  I don't see a problem with those that want to play that way to have a special roles in play, but not more then one per so many wolves.  There is already a basic mechnic for adding a new wolf when playing with less then 15 people.  With an expansion with very defined role cards in it you can add one more additional role for pair of wolves in the game rounding up if a partial.  This would keep the special roles from getting out of hand in a game as well as keeping a good balance.  If the special card is one that would win with the wolves, it replaces a wolf instead of a villager.

From everything i have seen, when there been too many special roles as well as too many people playing in one group it just gets to hard to keep things straight, but an expansion set to the basic rule would help with increase sales that would go someplace else and we can define what roles work best with the increase and how it can be done without it being just mass chaos.


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