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RE: [Rabbits] Giant treehouse

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here is a link to a printable cutout.

Print it out and scale it up to the giant size using a photocopier.


I made ONE mid sized out of foamcore as a display for when I do demo’s. (I overlapped one edge from each side to compensate for the foam core thickness)


Finding cardboard of the proper size has been a problem for me. ( I guess I could go to the local large appliance store and see if I can score a few boxes)


Someone has asked about making them out of foam. I think it would work fine.

You will need to take into consideration the thickness of the foam.


I would shave down 2 of the sides to compensate for the thickness of the foam.




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I would like to make a giant cardboard treehouse set for a big event in november; has anyone made these? Any plans that we could copy? I'm not very artistic...



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