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Re: [Rabbits] Rabbits digestion: Arisia

  • FromBrian Campbell <lambda@xxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 3 Jan 2008 18:44:50 -0500
On Jan 3, 2008, at 3:35 PM, E Zuckerman wrote:

  That's funny.  I was told (I had a layer of abstraction in viewing
the schedule, as everything went through the GoH Liaison
middleperson) that I could "help" with the Giant Zendo, but that I
wasn't the person who put it on the schedule, so I couldn't make any
changes (the most pressing of which was that I wanted to take the
word "teach" out of the listing -- if it's only an hour, then it'd be
more helpful if people could show up already knowing tabletop Zendo).

Don't take my word as gospel; I'm flying almost as blind as you are, and everything I'm saying is coming either from the gaming coordinator (who I still don't know the name of; he just uses the Arisia gaming email address and signs with his initials), and by looking at the gaming schedule on the website:

For some reason, Giant Zendo doesn't appear there, but he said in email to me: "The Giant Zendo demo is Saturday at 1:00 PM in Guest Room 201, so having your giant Icehouse on Sunday is good."

  Hey, what does Arisia use for stones?

We've used someone's spiffy beanbags in the past, and we've also used plastic cups.

  If you could show me whatever version of the schedule (gaming,
panels?) you can see, I'd be appreciative.   ;->

As mentioned above, there is some information on the website, and some of it has been via email contact, and some of it is probably just general purpose confusion. I'm pretty much in the dark about how most of it works; I've just been emailing my requirements to the gaming coordinator, and then whining when I need things fixed.

  Eeyore will be there in person, oh yeah -- he can't run camera for
me remotely!  I also just got an LJ comment from Kat Dutton that says
she's going.  Additionally, I have talked to:  Chris Cieslik, Jason
MacIntosh, mayyyyyybe Tim Sieger (long shot, what with parenthood),
Nathan Dilday... DEFinitely Mark Hartstein, possibly maybe Denis
Moskowitz, other, other, other.  I know that there's people I'm
overlooking.   ::pre-emptive forehead slap::   Not Zarf, he's not as
studl^H^H^H^H^Hinsane as Cthulhia, doing both the Hysteria Munt and
the (obviously far superior) con in the same weekend.   ;-7

Great, sounds like this year will have a much better Rabbit turnout than the last few.

  There's Red/Blue/Green/Yellow for Zendo, right (said the purist)?

Sorry, I believe the Arisia stashes are colored Silver, Some Kind Of Orange With Doodles On It, and a couple other colors I don't recall. I will ask the nice folks at Phoenix Games if they can bring their stashes, so we can have more than 4 stashes (and can thus play Giant Volcano), and a better selection of colors (I believe theirs included the 4 standard colors).

B> 8-10 PM Friday - Looney Labs Card Games
B> 10 AM - noon Saturday - Icehouse Games
B> 1 PM Saturday - Giant Zendo with fan GoH Eric Zuckerman
B> 12-2 PM Sunday - Gaming with a GoH/Fluxx 10th Anniversary
B> 5-7 PM Sunday - Giant Icehouse
  Just FYI, I think I'm either scheduled opposite or Not Operational
Yet, for anything that doesn't say "GoH" above.   :-\

Sorry about that. I had emailed the gaming coordinator a few days ago if it was still possible to fit anything in, but he didn't email me back until yesterday saying "yes, what times do you want", so I had to hurry.

B> Of course, these always turn into much longer than 2
B> hours
B> > of total playing, since it's in open gaming and people can just
B> keep
B> > playing as long as they want, but those are the times I'd be
B> > committed to be there to teach the games.
B> >
  Yeah, I also wanted to make Giant Zendo longer, but I "couldn't
make changes" (because I didn't have ownership of it).  I /think/ I
have an hour of downtime, that some of which could go to some Giant

We also have the general purpose "Giant Icehouse" happening on Sunday, though I don't know if that conflicts with anything you're doing. As I said, I was flying blind when making the scheduling decisions.