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Re: [Rabbits] Rabbits digestion: Arisia

  • FromBrian Campbell <lambda@xxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 3 Jan 2008 19:01:12 -0500
On Jan 3, 2008, at 4:08 PM, Julia C. Tenney wrote:

B> 1 PM Saturday - Giant Zendo with fan GoH Eric Zuckerman
B> 12-2 PM Sunday - Gaming with a GoH/Fluxx 10th Anniversary

Aw, you'll be missing the Sunday noon panel where I present my 81 card
Bunny Tarot Deck? Bummer dude. (This is annoying since in my
programming selection I emphatically said to not conflict with your
events. *sigh*)

Man, wouldn't it be nice for them to post an in progress schedule that everyone could look at an tell what conflicts they'll have, and update it as panels and events move around?

B> 5-7 PM Sunday - Giant Icehouse

  Yeah, I also wanted to make Giant Zendo longer, but I "couldn't
make changes" (because I didn't have ownership of it).  I /think/ I
have an hour of downtime, that some of which could go to some Giant

I might have "ownership", but the program went to press, like
yesterday. Also... Arisia should still have a general gaming area
where we can use the giant stashes all weekend. It's likely that the
program space is so tight that they can only give us an hour of giant
zendo outside the general gaming suite.

Well, having done this at Arisia last year, I'm not sure there's really space for Giant Icehouse in the general gaming room; it was just barely big enough, and there certainly wasn't room to clear out some floor space and play Giant Icehouse games. Now, the setup may be different this year, or we may be able to take over one of the tables as a Rabbit table and move it out of the way enough to fit some giant pyramids in, but the space for open gaming in the new hotel is really quite tight (a recurring theme after the move; the hotel just isn't quite big enough for Arisia).