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[Rabbits] BayCon tournaments results

  • FromE Zuckerman <zuckermn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 28 May 2008 15:30:42 -0700 (PDT)
   Another Memorial Day, another BayCon.
This was my best in years, probably
since the year that John came out and
taught us the almost-fully-formed Zendo.
(And other good things happened that
year, too.)

West Coast Zendo 7
8 participants, ~20% smaller than
previous years
Finalists:  Stephanie Cass, Tim Fitelson,
Eric Messick, Spencer Morningstar[*]
WINNER:  Stephanie Cass

BayCon Fluxx 4
22 (I think) participants, on a par
with previous years, and twice the
size of last year (in "the game-in
closet" at the emergency holographic
Finalists:  Greg Downing, Harold "Moose"
Harrigan, Rey Magdael, Sarah Pierce,
Joyce Tatro
WINNER:  Greg Downing

   So, a good year for those towards the
beginning of the alphabet, as both events
were won by the finalists who came first
in alphabetical order.  You know that if
there was such a fix in, /I/ didn't do
it!   %-}


   Maybe I'll grab some of the pix off
of Beth's computer, and put them up on
the LJ Rabbits community.


P.S.: * -- BayCon Fluxx 2 /and/ 3 winner.
I think he went to the Zendo finals last
year, too.  I find a consistent high
level of performance in both games



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