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[Rabbits] Re: GenCon Wrap-Up

  • From"Marissa Wills" <crystallineangel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Aug 2008 12:15:11 -0400
1.) We had reasonably good attendance despite not being in the program. However, there were a lot of people I met (on Sunday, sadly) who had been wondering where our events were.

Lesson: Let's plan earlier, so we can get in that blasted book.

2.) I was VERY easily recognized as a Lab Rabbit in the dealer hall, and was stopped almost incessantly. Questions asked included: "Where's the booth?" "Where are the Looneys?" "Where are you selling stuff?" "Are you running events?" I answered as best I could, but it was obvious that we were missed.

Lesson: Unless necessary, a booth (or at least heightened presence) is a good idea.

3.) We had a slight problem...a lot of people were doing steampunk, Dr. Horrible, and other costumes like that. This resulted in a LOT of labcoats. The reason John (rockin' job this year, BTW) and I were stopped so much was likely because of our labcoat/ear combo...and maybe the flowers. I don't see any reason, or need, to resolve this...just a note.

Thing of Note: Labcoats are coming back into fashion.

4.) Kind of a combo of two and three above, John and I were stopped for photo ops often! When asked, I would tell them about who I was and Looney Labs, but now my labcoat/ear/big hammer (long story) pictures will be plastered over the internet!

Thing of Note: Tricked-Out Labcoat = Photo-ops + Publicity.

5.) They almost sold out of Looney gear? Awesome! I kept directing people to the vendors I knew...but there seemed to be a lack of knowledge of the titles and such among the sellers. Perhaps knowing a list of vendors beforehand so we can help out or something would be useful in situations like this (a fan recommended this, actually).

Otherwise, it was a total blast, albeit minorly exhausting. I look forward to it next year! If I find any cons in the Chi-town area that could use some Looney fun, I'll see what I can do about weaseling in...


-Marissa, Pine Rabbit

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