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[Chrononauts] Artifaxx from the 24th century, and beyond

  • From"Robert Potter" <oldestgc86@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 05 May 2006 11:34:28 -0500
Here are the artifact cards I put in my version of the game:

Live Mammoth (Manny), Prehistoric Sloth (Sid), Sabertoothed Cat(Diego): Original C-nauts did dinosaurs, but I find these extict mammals to be much more interesting.

Shirley Temple's Last Movie: My answer to Shakespeare's Last Play. "Timegirl" was actually shot in 2003, then ingrained into history 60 years eariler. People began to figure out what was going on when they saw the adorable curly top playing opposite Hillary Duff. After that, it was known as one of the greatest scams in time-travel history. The movie's actually quite good.

Hoverboard: C'mon, you knew this was comming! I had it recovered from 2315, not 2015, though.

Photograph of Dr. Spareparts's Assassin: This was one of the more interesting cards. Collecting this artifact flips the 2306 Linchpin. See if you can guess why.

Photograph of Christ: (taken from behind).

Several Photos of Ancient Rome: One of my time-travel fantasies is taking pitcures of things that have only been captured on canvas, or never at all.

Schematics for the Pyramids of Egypt: Similar to the Rongo-Rongo tablets, but I think more people would want to know how the pyramids were built. If only we could read heiroglyphics...

Videotape of Super Bowl D: Originally Super Bowl C, but that would be ancient history by the 24th century. Barring any unforseen tragedy, this game should take place in January of 2466. I had it recovered from 2467 just in case.

24th Century Best Picture Winner on DVD: This was a failed attempt by a group of wacky scientists to create the perfect movie. They incorperated every genre known to man in this thing. It bombed at the box office, but it won an Oscar. This is my send-up of the Oscars.

Pre-Mined Gold: Some gold quietly mined from the California lode eight years before the rush of 1848.

Medical Miracle: a shampoo with a triple-polymer formula that cures Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and split ends! From the distant future.

Action Comics #1: the most valuable comic book in all of history! A mint condition copy from 1938 could put someone through college, for 100 years!

Mircosoft Stock: Who hasn't wanted to go back in time and invest in this computer giant when it was still a penny-stock company?

Plus there's this new Gadget I made...

FUTUREBOY! Time-travelling superhero from the year 2041, dedicatied to preserving history! With Futureboy, all your cards work like Memo from Your Future Self, and if you can set the Timeline to True History, you win!

I wanted to have setting the Timeline to True History as an alternate winning condition. At first, he was one of the IDs, but that made it too easy. Having him in the draw deck makes it harder.

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