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[Chrononauts] 2001 and the Cuban Missle Crisis (not related)

  • From"Tom Moresi" <floyd-ag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 7 Jan 2007 00:18:36 -0600
I was suggested tothis message list by Alison Looney.  I believe that this is how to post on your forum.  I am computer illiterate (I do not understand common computer terms and vocabulary), and I hope this gets to the right people.  If not please reply and tell me where my message went.  Thank you.
Dr. Looney,
    I recently visited your web sight to discover your team working on a similar project to my own: a resulting card to represent September 11th, 2001.  I admit to not having an answer to your problem, namely what the linchpin would alternate, due to the fact that I never saw the date as a linchpin, but as a ripplepoint.  And I do know which linchpin affect it.
    The ripplepoint would be an 'or' ripplepoint, affected by two dates, either one alternating the ripplepoint.  The first date would be '1936: Adolph Hitler Assassinated (yes, another 1936 ripplepoint) and '1981: Reagan Assassinated.  Why?  I'm glad you asked.
    In regards to the 1936 date, If Hitler was to be assassinated, then Israel would not have been founded.  This is outlined in your own game.  If Israel was never founded, the U.S. would never support it.  And if the U.S. never supports this now-fictional Jewish state, Middle-East relations with the U.S. might not be as strained.  This could allow a possible world alliance between U.S., France, Britain, and Palestine.  The Jewish influenced state of Germany could ally with all previously listed except Palestine, with the common allies working to settle differences between the two for a corner on the Engineering/Oil trade.  Would Palestine entertain an alliance with a world power so obviously encroached with Jewish favoritism?  They might, seeing it isn't their land this nation sits on.  This leads to the patch that would repair the 2001 ripplepoint that I will speak of later.
    The second date to ripple 2001 would be 1981.  What would Reagan's death do to prevent such an disaster?  The answer is: reorder the flow of power.  Many would argue that the World Trade Center attack was caused by the animosity of the U.S. presidents who share the same name.  No, I don't mean Roosevelt.  Anyway, due to the Sr. president's term being cut short by Mondale's election (also illustrated by your game), the events concerning the Gulf Wars may never take place.  Without the Gulf Wars, Arabic opinion may not be as harsh against the U.S., allowing a possible interaction with Middle-Eastern nations.
    This leads me to my patch idea.  If either one of the aforementioned linchpins were to alternate, 2001 would ripple to paradox.  The new patch would read: "2001: Middle-East Talks Disintegrates: Peace summit between world powers ends without a resolution."  Sure, this is not an uplifting alternative, but just a less horrifying one.
    I would designate this ripplepoint a D-9(for Uberchrononauts).
    In writing this missive, I looked on your concept of making the 2001 date a linchpin instead.  The alternate side could still be the peace talks dissolving (but with possible collusion opportunities, see below).  A chononaut informs the president that the only course to prevent an attack on U.S. soil is to sit down with the other Arab nations and convince them to police their own if they are to remain friendly with the U.N.  This may not solve anything (in fact it doesn't) but it changes the Arab view of the U.S. from a playground bully to a sniveling peace monger, unworthy of their notice or scorn, like France.  But what would this change?  Several things.
    First, the card (2001) would be designated E-1.  E-2 would be a second linchpin would be '2005: Hurricanes Ravage NO. American Coast: A series of tropical storms cause gasoline production to falter, raising the price at the pumps."  The alternative would be '2005: Star Wars Program Useful: The newly refitted satellite defense system evaporates weather conditions with space mounted lasers."  A possible time traveler identity could feature a New Orleans orphan, seeking to save his/her parents, time-traveling to the future to gain valuable laser technology use for many things, including weather control.  He/She brings back the plans and sells the plans to U.S. government, boasting stronger defense capabilities and weather control.  "Weather Control Satellite Schematics" could also be a possible artifact for the game.
    E-3 may be a ripplepoint involving the result of the 2001 attack.  The card could read "200X: U.S. Opens New Complex in Baghdad: The American government reveals the military/embassy campus to strengthen support to Iraq."  The patch could read "200X: Arab Nations Unite: Middle-east countries combine to form new Arab coalition with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as notable exceptions."  This is a lead in to a later ripplepoint.
    E-4 combines the "2001" linchpin with the "2005" linchpin in this one ripplepoint.  The ripplepoint will be an 'and' ripplepoint, needing both dates to alternate it to the paradox side.  The patch may read "200Y: Arabian and American Discovery: A sharing of U.S. laser technology and old Iraqi nuclear program yields new power source."  The original time line may read "200Y: U.S. Attacks Syria: American government continues anti-terrorism campaign in the Middle-East."  This suggests the WMD were not just smoke and mirrors, and were possible smuggled out of the country in our history.
    These four idea is half a time line.  You could make E-1 either a linchpin or ripplepoint, that would tie in E-3 and E-4 to Hitler or Reagan.  E-4 may become an 'or + and' ripple point, needing one definitive linchpin (2005) plus one of two others (1936 or 1981), if E-1 was a ripplepoint.  You may want to release bonus packs one row at a time as future events play out to keep the game acurate to our history, and create replacement cards to fill in for previous unavailable information ( such as adding 2001 to the list of what 1936 and 1981 ripples if you make 2001 a ripplepoint).  Which brings me to my second topic.  The Cuban Missile Crisis.
    In Early American Chrononauts, the 1867 patch has the U.S. purchasing the island of Cuba.  If we own Cuba in 1867, how can we have the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  I have contemplated this paradox and came up with the possible solutions.
    One: Paradox.  In Uberchrononauts, the 1803 linchpin should also ripple the 1962 ripplepoint into paradox.  This would not alter the patch requirements which would still require that the 1943 and the 1957 linchpins to be on their alternate setting, but you could not unparadox 1962 until you return 1803 to it's original state.  In fact, the patch for 1962 could not be played without 1803 being on it's alternate setting even if you have met the requirements for the patch, making world war 3 even harder to play.
    Two: Alternate Historical Facts.  In Uberchrononauts, the 1804 patch states that Russia buys the Louisiana Territory.  The 1803 ripplepoint affects both 1803 and 1867 and causes the alternate histories.  The Cuban Missile Crisis still occurs but the missiles in middle America are Russian in nature and the missile on Cuba belong to the U.S.  Its still the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Both of these options can be placed on your website, so players can choose to enhance Uberchrononauts or leave it as is (with alternat historical backing).
    One last question.  If the Russians buy the Louisiana Purchase and the Alamo is razed, would the Mexican Federales burn down the Branch Davidian Waco Compound?  My wife says yes.  1995 locked.  No paradox.  Case dismissed.
Thomas Robert Moresi II, The Count of St. Charles
Floyd A Grecko, The Silver Otter

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