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Re: [Chrononauts] Crazy Joe

  • FromEd Murphy <emurphy42@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 19 Jul 2008 16:11:38 -0700
Dogai Dragon wrote:

> Hello. My name is Ben. I recently got into Chrononauts and have really
> been enjoying it. I just picked up Lost Identities and Early American
> Chrononauts and had a quick question. In UberChrononauts, if you have
> Crazy Joe's identity and you manage to create 13 Paradoxes within 4
> consecutive rows, everyone else loses the game, making you the winner,
> right? So, would only need to fulfill Crazy Joe's goal to win
> UberChrononauts? Or is there a special ruling for this since you're
> supposed to complete your ID goal, mission goal and hand size goal?


Q: What's the deal with Crazy Joe?

    * A: In standard Chrononauts, the game ends immediately if the
Universe is destroyed. If Crazy Joe reveals himself at that point, he
wins instead of everyone losing. In UberChrononauts, everyone loses as
usual if the Universe is destroyed and Crazy Joe wasn't involved.
However, when Crazy Joe is in the game, things get a little (shall we
say) crazy. The Universe teeters on the brink of destruction but doesn't
actually collapse. Instead, a special team of Time Police agents (who've
been pursuing Crazy Joe across the timesteam for eons) will suddenly
show up to take care of the situation.

    * Here's what happens. Crazy Joe is credited for having destroyed
the Universe -- the player has achieved one of the 3 goals for victory
and keeps the ID card face up on the table thereafter -- but because
they were pursuing him, the Time Police step in to prevent the final
collapse of the universe. (And while they're busy keeping Time intact,
Crazy Joe gets away scot-free! Laughing maniacally, of course.)

    * Here's how the Time Police restore reality. Each of Crazy Joe's
opponents gets an imaginary Restore History card, and must immediately
use it on the Red Linchpin of their choice. After each other player has
repaired the Timeline in this way, the Time Police vanish, and normal
play resumes with whoever's turn it was. But the Time Police will not
return. If the Universe is destroyed a second time, it really does get
destroyed, and all players, including Crazy Joe, are considered losers.

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