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[Chrononauts] New Edition

  • FromDataPacRat <datapacrat@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 2 Oct 2009 18:24:20 -0400
>From the announcement list:

> We are now taking preorders at our website for the new edition of Chrononauts, as well as
> the brand new expansion, The Gore Years.
> Chrononauts LOO-009 $20
> http://store.looneylabs.com/Chrononauts
> The new Chrononauts has not changed much in terms of gameplay, but we've moved it
> into the new two-part doublewide box with beautiful new art on the cover.  There are four
> new cards in the deck as well.  Here's a link to Andy's discussion of what's new for this
> edition:
> http://wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Chrononauts/versions.html
> The Gore Years adds five new cards onto the end of the timeline to bring it up to 2008.  It
> also includes three Identities that use the new events.
> The Gore Years LOO-041 $3
> http://store.looneylabs.com/The-Gore-Years

and snipped from the Versions page:

> The cards added aren't all that new: one is just an extra "Restore History", the second is
> the "Beatles Reunion CD" (previously available as a promo card), and the two cards that
> are new are both just ideas that have been on Andy's Mysteries of the TimeLine page for
> years: "Sarah the Triceratops" and the 1945-D Patch, "Tokyo Nuked," which fills out the
> Nexus for the case in which Hitler was assassinated but the Pearl Harbor and Manhattan
> Project linchpins are set to True History.

I'll be getting the Gore years, of course - I've already got every
/other/ Chrononauts card. I can probably live without another dinosaur
if I have to... but does anyone know if there's some way I can get
1945-D without having to buy a whole new Chrononauts deck?

Thank you for your time,
li te'o te'a vei pai pi'i ka'o ve'o su'i pa du li no .i je'a melbi!

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