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[Fluxx] Online Fluxx coming soon.

  • From"Tony Luzzi" <tonyluzzi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 20 Oct 2005 14:14:59 -0400
Title: Message
CCGWorkshop has finally worked out the last of the bugs and released to the public Fluxx Online.  You have the ability to use any of the Officially released sets or even make your own deck.  Plus, I'll be adding new fan expansions from cards people suggest in our forums.
There are a few cards that I don't have the text or art for.  If anyone can submit that to the CCGWorkshop forums as well, it will really help out in making this a great game.
Ads:  I'm no artist, so if anyone would like to help make a 300x180 image promoting Fluxx and Looney Labs, it would be really cool.
One addition I would like to add to the game is sound effects.  If you think you have a great sound for a card entering play, please send it to me.

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