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Re: [Fluxx] Stoner Fluxx

  • Fromadross@xxxxxxx
  • DateSun, 25 Dec 2005 01:48:04 +0000
-------------- Original message from Stuart Lauder <purplesnap@xxxxxxxxxxx>: -------------- 
> Matthew Donahue wrote: 
> > Hey! I've been gradually building an uber-fluxx deck, and I'm almost 
> > there. I'm still looking for that illusive "desert" goal; you know how 
> > it is. Here's my question. Maybe it's a stupid one, but I'll still 
> > ask. I'm concerned about the card backs matching, so when stoner 
> > fluxx came out I didn't pick one up. I didn't feel like mixing and 
> > matching card backs. Call it an aesthetics issue. Anyway, now that 
> > I've got 2.1, 3.0, family, and eco fluxxes in there, it finally 
> > occurred to me that it's probably got the same back as the others. 
> > Does it? 
> Nope, it doesn't. Stoner Fluxx has it's very own Stoner Fulxx card back. 
> But, like the rules insert for Stoner Fluxx says, if you mix it, the 
> backs don't much, but who cares? I've personally done it before and it 
> works fine.

It's my understanding that the Stoner Fluxx deck has a different back because it's about an Adults-Only theme.
The different back makes it easy to sort out from the regular cards so that when you're playing with your 10-year-old nephew he won't accidently find Weed or The Bong in his hand.
When I (eventually) make my ÜberFluxx deck, I'll put all the cards onto Fluxx Blanxx, with the "weed-themed" cards having a green dot in the corner so I can pull them out before playing with sensitive audiences.

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