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Re: [Fluxx] Printers and Fluxx Blanxx

  • FromChris Kice <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 30 Apr 2006 09:05:27 -0500
I've had good luck printing on an HP laser printer. I attach three cards to a piece of light cardstock with 3M removable 2-sided tape. I do seal them, however, with a coat of Krylon clear matte spray paint. (Laser toner tends to stick if it's against a flat, shiny surface and I was afraid the cards would stick together if stored in the deck for some time.)

How I do the printing:

- I use a set of Photoshop templates that I created. Each card is a group of layers with the outline, card face, text elements, and (if applicable) keeper icons. I just drag the cards I want into a new document and create my cards.

- Next, I hide all layers except the card outline and face and print that on a piece of cardstock. - With the outlines as my guide, I attach Fluxx Blanxx to the cardstock using 3M removable two-sided tape. I only print three Blanxx at a time and situate them in a straight line across the center of the page with the page in "portrait" orientation.

- In Photoshop, I hide all the layers except the text elements and icons and print again. My printer (HP4000) has a door in back that allows printed material to go straight through the printer without having to navigate any curves.

- After peeling the cards and removing the tape, I then spray them with a coat or two of Krylon clear matte spray paint to seal in the print. I'd be happy to share my Photoshop templates, but they do contain copyrighted material from Looney Labs (icons, card design) so I'd need an official okay before doing so. I also have a Photoshop file that contains keeper icons from Fluxx 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 and most of the promo cards (along with Poison from EcoFluxx) as separate layers that I'd also share with the same conditions. (The icons are all "Goal" sized and probably wouldn't scale up well if you wanted to use them on Keepers instead.)

Here is a sample of some of my work (100K picture): http://www.nekurasplayground.com/images/newfluxxcards.jpg


Carol Townsend wrote:
Hey all,

We've been having a discussion over on the edu-list about dealing w/
blank cards.  Here's the salient point from a teacher, about what's
available at school:

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