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  • FromStephanie Cottrell Bryant <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 13 May 2006 08:08:35 -0700
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I use the plastic boxes (there's a specific word for the type of plastic they are, but I can't remember it at the moment) which gaming stores sell for Magic: The Gathering players. They're large enough for 1 Fluxx+1Blanxx, plus about 10 Fluxx stickers, a small number of mini-catalogs, and my printed Mad Lab Rabbit cards. I stuck a Fluxx sticker on the outside so I'd know which box was for Fluxx. The plastic boxes are not large enough for a Chrononauts deck+promo cards/ identity booster. Neither is the Chrononauts tuck box. Right now, my deck is in a rubber-band, but I dislike that storage method. The plastic box is about $10, but lasts longer than a cardboard tuck box and is very nice-looking.

When I do a spontaneous demo at a coffee shop, the whole presentation looks very slick, as I can interrupt a game, explain what it is, invite them to play, and ensure they take a mini-catalog and, if there's a child, a sticker, with them. I hand out the Mad Lab Rabbit cards if I teach them, but the MLR cards lack some information, like my email address if they want to follow up with a question, and any value-add for the person receiving them. So mainly I use them in more formal demos, where I don't have to explain why I want them to know who I am.

Also, a side note: If you want a blank deck of cards, LLabs used to sell blank decks of cards for designing any card game. I haven't seen them on the site recently, but I've seen blank decks of generic cards elsewhere which can be handy for custom games.

- --Stephanie

On May 12, 2006, at 6:50 PM, Pat wrote:

Awesome! Thanks for the tip! I'll be on the lookout for those at the thrift store, now.

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