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[Fluxx] Re: Fluxx Digest, Vol 12, Issue 16

  • From"Dim Bulb" <dimbulb@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 16 May 2006 14:32:44 -0500
> So, I've been meaning to comment on this for AGES now, but finally a
> good opportunity throws itself at me...
> I've never been happy with FB... 90% of the Fluxx mods I've seen over
> the years have been keepers and associated goals... by only selling a
> pre-set mix of blanxx, you almost guarantee that people with end up with
> a stack of left-over Rules and Actions and a need for more FB to make
> the rest of the K/G sets they want.

Interesting, because I've always had exactly the opposite problem--I have dozens of extra Goals and plenty of extra Keepers, but I have to keep getting more Blanxx because I'm out of Actions and New Rules.  I've always wondered why LLabs made the *least* useful blank cards take up two-thirds of every Blanxx pack....  Apparently it's because some folks want even more of them than that!  :)

Presumably, as long as there're folks griping from both sides, the current mix is about right.  And I'll just have to keep trying to think of a use for dozens of extra blank Goal cards.

(But I think all of us Blanxx-crazy folks can agree that, next time there's a new printing of Blanxx, there shouldn't be the *same* promo card in every pack!  I've got about eleven Beatles Reunion Albums now, and that's *after* giving away one or two of them to everybody I know who's got Chrononauts....)

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