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So, looking at the lists.html page, I am wondering - are there things going to New-Stuff that doesn't appear on other lists? Same for Weekly-News? Or are each of these subsets of the larger game discussions.


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Hey folks,

Just clarifying here - yes, we can take people off the list from the admin side - but it's always that  much easier for people to do themselves - and yes, James, you found the link to go to.  It's a rare thing for people to ask us to do it, so it's not a huge deal.

And Rymel, to answer your question, we have a "New Stuff" email list that only gets triggered when... you guessed... new stuff happens.  :)

It's a VERY low traffic list, so those who only want to hear from us when new product comes out can be kept informed, but not be swamped by active mailing list stuff.

Those of us who are card carrying members of the FOMS club ( 'Fraid of Missing Something) (I've seen those on ribbons at cons before and I liked the acronym) and like to hear the chatter and keep up on everything subscribe to those lists that make sense to us. In case you want to see what other lists might be interesting to you:

In any case - there's the clarification.  :)


On 1/31/07, Rymel <rymelsleeps@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
aren't they just a normal announcement in the list?

On 1/31/07, James Hazelton < jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
I don't know if the admins have the ability to do that themselves, but in any case, you can remove yourself at the bottom of this page: http://lists.looneylabs.com/mailman/listinfo/fluxx

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