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  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 2 Mar 2007 08:03:47 -0800 (PST)
Despite the pain of the pun, it's about 8 times better than the latest
DirecTV repurpose of the Back to the Future scene... is Christopher
Lloyd really out of money already?

I have to admit that as pun-friendly as I am (see especially author 
Spider Robinson), I didn't see this coming either; I was expecting a 
new rule with capacitance (gets full then discharges), e.g.: 'keeper
limit 3/1 -- if everyone has 3 keepers in play, all players must 
immediately discard down to 1' -- another potential way to win with 
All you need is Love late in the game.  The numerals allow X=X+1 to 
change it to a 4/2 KL.  An HL version would be nice n' chaotic, given
the 'immediately' part -- i.e. active player might have to suddenly
discard during a multi-draw.

Just like M:tG's Demonic Tutor however, I predict this would quickly
get banned in a tournament setting... with Fluxx (even more than M:tG),
you're often just 1 vital card away from winning...  probably the first
order of business is to track down Steal a Keeper and Lose a Keeper to
protect "my precious"


> Just thought of another idea
> Keeper: Capacitor
> If you have this Keeper in front of you, instead of your first draw,
> you may look through either the discard pile or the draw deck (but not
> both) and choose a card.  If you choose the draw deck, reshuffle it
> after you've taken your card.  All other cards you draw this turn
> should be from the top of the draw deck in the usual way.
> Of course, you may be wondering why a Capacitor would give the ability
> to "time travel" like this.  Of course this is no ordinary capacitor.
> It's a Fluxx Capacitor.
> OK, you can stop groaning now.
> :)
> Timothy

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