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[Fluxx] Creepers and other kinds of Fluxx cards

  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 15 Oct 2007 19:13:11 -0700 (PDT)
I hesitate to mix Zombie Fluxx with any other set, because the introduction
of Creepers really sets it apart.  New decks with new creepers, I'm all for.
I liken it to snow-covered lands from the Ice Age expansion of M:tG -- they
work fine within the context of that expansion, but are either too weak or
too strong when played against non-Ice Age decks (depending on which other 
cards you use that refer to SCLs)

That said, I definitely see other Creeper possibilities... such as the 
food-related ones suggested by Scott Sulzer, or "My Precious" (choose
one of your keepers in play and play My Precious on it.  If the keeper
is ever discarded or stolen, discard your hand, all your keepers, all your
creepers, and your turn ends immediately [so you can feel very sorry for
yourself] -- note: if it's stolen, My Precious goes with it to the new
> I still have my all blank card from Fluxx 2.0.  I am trying to decide
> whether to use it for a Creeper or UnGoal (instant gratification) or maybe
> save it for when I come up with a seventh type of card ...
> Anthony Kozar

The most obvious "seventh type" I see is some sort of fast-effect card,
i.e. something you can play during someone else's turn.  The amount of 
card text required would be prohibitive in many cases, so this would 
clearly be "Chaos Fluxx -- not for the timid"

"Hey, I was gonna play that!" -- take a card that someone else is trying
to play and then play it yourself.  If it's a Keeper, it's yours.  If 
it's an action, you do it -- but it's still considered the other person's
turn, so for example, "Take Another Turn" would apply to the original 
player, not you.  If you're currently in a Hand Limit max, that doesn't 
change, so for example if HL2 is in effect and you have 2 cards, if you
horn in on someone's Jackpot, you'd have to immediately discard 3 cards
(but obviously, you could keep up to 2 of the new ones in favor of the
old ones).

"No fair!" -- if someone plays a card that would immediately make them 
the winner, place it in the discard pile instead.  It does not count as
a play for the original player.

"Yoink!" -- take the card someone else is about to play and place it 
into your hand.  Observe hand limits immediately as usual for non-turn

"Do over!" -- original player returns intended card to their hand and 
selects a different card to play.  They can still play the intended card
if they play all their other cards first and have more plays to make.
(e.g. it's Play All, or they only had the one card to start with)

"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" -- original player
returns intended card to their hand and their turn ends immediately.

"That's not strictly Cricket" -- cancel intended custom card and remove 
it from the deck for the rest of the game.

If you're into that sort of thing  ;-)


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