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Re: [Fluxx] Zombi Fluxx Donation?

  • From"Daniel W. Johnson" <panoptes@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 17 Oct 2007 22:29:00 -0400
At 13:44 -0500 2007-10-17, Carol Townsend wrote:
Ooooh... I like this one.

It would have to be worded as a "Trash the 'Dead Friends' New Rule" or some such... but I like it.

Maybe a "Good News!" action that trashes several cards (if present): Dead Friends, Groaning Required, It's Not Working!, Zombie Victory

Maybe also a "Bad News!" action that trashes Adrenaline Bonus, Eradication Bonus, Zombies Ain't So Bad, Weapon Bonus, Zombie Season

And how about a "What Zombies?" action that trashes every card with the ragged/dripping edge in the lower left
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