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  • From"John Pal-thingy" <bognor@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 5 Jan 2008 18:38:22 +0000
Hi and many thanks Dan and Christopher.
It really struck me that there is mileage for patience/solo games of Fluxx.
I shall try them out (I already know I'm not a fan of go-fish).
My pack is the basic 3.1 so will see how they play.

I feel inspiredy by you Chirstopher. Thank you for sharing your
"lonely old man...." whilst it is in the early stages of 'flying'.
If I get re-flux-ation and creativity at the same time then I would
like to try nurturing a fluxx-patience myself... I will share it as
and when I do.

/regards to all

On 05/01/2008, Christopher Onstad <xofour@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello there John,
>    I am incredibly glad to have made your virtual aquaintance.  How are you?
>  It's funny you asked this question, for 2 reasons.  First off, I have been
> contimplating a solo fluxx myself.  And also because I just recently found
> the fluxxentration rules.  But Dan gave you that link.  Anyway, my thoughts
> are completely differnt, and still fledgling.  It's a work in progress but
> here is what I have so far for my "lonely old man whos daughter and main
> gaming partner has gone off to college version of fluxx"  (she still has a
> year and a half before she goes off to college, but I want to have the game
> ready for the sad day.)
> Goal:  Match the current goal or goals:
> Setup: Shuffle the cards lay them fac up on the table.  Leave plenty of room
> for player keepers, rules, and discard pile.  Deal zero cards out to the
> player.
> Start:  Basic rulse apply draw one play one.  when you start out the game,
> you are just drawing and playing.  until you get a multiple draw rule.  oh
> yeah and you only go through the deck once.  Although there are cards "empty
> the trash" that may restock the deck, if the last card is drawn, you lose.
> The complicated part.  On the table between the player, and his keepers
> there should be space left for the players hand.  The hand works like this.
>  whenever the player draws more cards than he can play, he has leftovers in
> his hand.  After the last play card is played, and before the cards are
> drawn for the next turn, the player must place his cards face down in the
> play space in front of him.
> Once the first card is placed in the play space all aditional cards are
> stacked on top of them.  This is the players hand.
> The player may not look at, or reorganize the hand, except under certain
> circumstances.
> If the player ends up playing more cards than he has drawn, he must play
> from the "hand" deck.  When this happens, the player goes one at a time
> starting from the top of the deck, and working his way down.
> AGain the goal is to meet the current goal, or if the double agenda rule is
> in play meet both goals.
> This is just a fledgling idea, and have only tried it a couple of times.  My
> deck is a combined fluxx 3.0 (I think) and family fluxx deck, so it is from
> these combinations that I have come up with the following special rules.  I
> am sure there are more, as I have just scratched the surface of solo fluxx.
> But here is what I have so far:
> nuthing  apparently I can't find my notes; so here is what I can remember
> from the top of my head:
> Trade hands: pick up and count both your playable cards, and all the cards
> in your "hand"  discard all of them.  Deal yourself a numer of cards equal
> to what your combined count was.  and play the rest of your turn, deposting
> your "new" hand as standard.
> Hand limits:  When a hand limit rule is played, Pick up the hand stack.
> Combine them wtih the "cards to play"  before playing further discard all
> cards until you meet the hand limit.  Then play as normal.  (eg: current
> rules is draw 5 cards, play 3 and you have 17 in your stack.  you draw 5
> cards, and one of them turns out to be hand limit 3.  You play that card
> 1st.  (prehaps there is something in your long lost deck that would be
> useful)   imediatly pick up your hand.  sort through all your cards  decide
> which 3 you want to keep and discard the remainder.  Then you have 2 more
> cards to play. )
> Shuffle keepers:  count how many keepers you have.  Then take all keepers
> out of the discard pile.  shuffle discard keepers and players keepers
> thuroughly.  and deal player the same numer of keepers he previously had.
> Shuffle remainder of keepers back into the discard deck (in case there is a
> beneficial shuffle card in the works.
> Anyhow, I am sure it's not original, but I hadn't seen it.  This is my
> approach to solo fluxx.  Not as imaginative as fluxxentration.  But
> enthusastically trying to capture the spirit.  I think I need some work and
> stuff before I say "here it is"  but I offer this as a start and to show you
> that you aren't alone.  There are some of us trying to picture the necessity
> of solitair fluxx.
> Fantastic meeting you.  Sorry I rambled and got carried away.  I suffer from
> exuberance.  Please skip the uniteresting stuff.  Thank you,
> christopher
>> ==================================================
>> Why yes they have...
>> http://wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Fluxx/Fluxxentration/Index.html
>> Enjoy,
>>       Dan
> ================================================
> On Jan 4, 2008 6:46 AM, John Pal-thingy <bognor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > Hi there,
> > Has anyone out there attempted to create a game of 'patience' using
> > Fluxx cards??
> > Or some 'one player' mutation of Fluxx??
> >
> >
> > /thanks in advance
> > John
> >
> >
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