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One of my fluxx players has already left our nest, and the next one is a high school senior now. My last fluxx player happens to also be my only zombie fluxx partner, and he's 2.5 yrs away from graduating. So I understand Mr. Onstad's comments oh so very well.
As for a single player version of fluxx, my first exposure to fluxx was via the palm pilot game "MicroFluxx". That doesn't translate well to a physical card game, because the game had a computer player component.  Maybe, however, someone's written a contemporary version of computer fluxx...


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Hello there John,
   I am incredibly glad to have made your virtual aquaintance.  How are you?  It's funny you asked this question, for 2 reasons.  First off, I have been contimplating a solo fluxx myself.  And also because I just recently found the fluxxentration rules.  But Dan gave you that link.  Anyway, my thoughts are completely differnt, and still fledgling.  It's a work in progress but here is what I have so far for my "lonely old man whos daughter and main gaming partner has gone off to college version of fluxx"  (she still has a year and a half before she goes off to college, but I want to have the game ready for the sad day.)
Goal:  Match the current goal or goals:
Setup: Shuffle the cards lay them fac up on the table.  Leave plenty of room for player keepers, rules, and discard pile.  Deal zero cards out to the player.
Start:  Basic rulse apply draw one play one.  when you start out the game, you are just drawing and playing.  until you get a multiple draw rule.  oh yeah and you only go through the deck once.  Although there are cards "empty the trash" that may restock the deck, if the last card is drawn, you lose.
The complicated part.  On the table between the player, and his keepers there should be space left for the players hand.  The hand works like this. 
 whenever the player draws more cards than he can play, he has leftovers in his hand.  After the last play card is played, and before the cards are drawn for the next turn, the player must place his cards face down in the play space in front of him. 
Once the first card is placed in the play space all aditional cards are stacked on top of them.  This is the players hand. 
The player may not look at, or reorganize the hand, except under certain circumstances. 
If the player ends up playing more cards than he has drawn, he must play from the "hand" deck.  When this happens, the player goes one at a time starting from the top of the deck, and working his way down.
AGain the goal is to meet the current goal, or if the double agenda rule is in play meet both goals.  
This is just a fledgling idea, and have only tried it a couple of times.  My deck is a combined fluxx 3.0 (I think) and family fluxx deck, so it is from these combinations that I have come up with the following special rules.  I am sure there are more, as I have just scratched the surface of solo fluxx.  But here is what I have so far:
nuthing  apparently I can't find my notes; so here is what I can remember from the top of my head:
Trade hands: pick up and count both your playable cards, and all the cards in your "hand"  discard all of them.  Deal yourself a numer of cards equal to what your combined count was.  and play the rest of your turn, deposting your "new" hand as standard.
Hand limits:  When a hand limit rule is played, Pick up the hand stack.  Combine them wtih the "cards to play"  before playing further discard all cards until you meet the hand limit.  Then play as normal.  (eg: current rules is draw 5 cards, play 3 and you have 17 in your stack.  you draw 5 cards, and one of them turns out to be hand limit 3.  You play that card 1st.  (prehaps there is something in your long lost deck that would be useful)   imediatly pick up your hand.  sort through all your cards  decide which 3 you want to keep and discard the remainder.  Then you have 2 more cards to play. )
Shuffle keepers:  count how many keepers you have.  Then take all keepers out of the discard pile.  shuffle discard keepers and players keepers thuroughly.  and deal player the same numer of keepers he previously had.  Shuffle remainder of keepers back into the discard deck (in case there is a beneficial shuffle card in the works.
Anyhow, I am sure it's not original, but I hadn't seen it.  This is my approach to solo fluxx.  Not as imaginative as fluxxentration.  But enthusastically trying to capture the spirit.  I think I need some work and stuff before I say "here it is"  but I offer this as a start and to show you that you aren't alone.  There are some of us trying to picture the necessity of solitair fluxx.
Fantastic meeting you.  Sorry I rambled and got carried away.  I suffer from exuberance.  Please skip the uniteresting stuff.  Thank you,

On Jan 4, 2008 6:46 AM, John Pal-thingy <bognor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi there,
Has anyone out there attempted to create a game of 'patience' using
Fluxx cards??
Or some 'one player' mutation of Fluxx??

/thanks in advance

John Pal
Guildford, Surrey.
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