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RE: [Fluxx] Re: Favorite/Least favorite cards

  • FromGeir Sverdrup <geirhsverdrup@xxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 13 Mar 2008 20:03:26 +0000
Fluxx is prehaps the best card card I've ever played. In fact my original deck has grown to two and a half times your standard deck, utilizing Fluxx Blanxx. Thank You Looney's! I use my expanded deck for experienced players and long games, they can be fun. I also carry a standard deck unamended for teaching newbies and for quick on the fly games.
One of my favorite scenarios during a "long" game is to have First Play and Last Play Random cards on the deck. This adds a dynamic that can be frustrating but really makes you play your hand to it's fullest. In my expanded deck I have created three keeper goals just to tweek the experienced player. I.e. Goal - Rockstar, to win you need Keepers - Weed, the Star and Sex (this was a hard one to do tastefully) or Goal - Heavenly Bodies, Keepers - Moon, Sun and Red Planet.
When it come to Zombie Fluxx I love "Larry" he has personally tweeked my game to lose than seems normal but it is his randomness that hypes the game.
My thanks go out to the Looney's for creating a game so easily learned and so easily expandable with your own imagination.

From: ChaoticpiX93@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 05:28:48 -0400
To: fluxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Fluxx] Re: Favorite/Least favorite cards

My favorite card is probably either jackpot or draw two and use em or any of those cards because it gives you more chances to win.
ONe of my favorite things is when not intentionally you start off with draw two and use em, get the jackpot and the draw three use two card. Which incidentally you end up with the take another turn. Oh that is one fun hand right there.
Probably the best card, is one that I created. The story behind it is that I was at work playing, we'd gotten into the habit of playing this game, and it wasn't my turn. I was kinda hungry so I got msyelf some milk and cookies. I sat back down and started giggling. I set my milk ontop of my milk card, and my cookies on top of the cookies keeper and started laughing. "Do I win?" I asked as I had both cookies on my cookies and milk on my milk and since I had time, I had my watch on the Time.
This is how I came up with Uber 3-D win. It's a goal card, that when played, if the players can find things in the vincinity that is a perfect representation of their cards then they win. It's hard with "Love" "War" "peace" Etc, but I"ve seen people try their darndest. My friend won just on the ingenuity of using a frozen ham as "death".
My friend absolutely hates Larry. He's the Promo card I got a while back for Zombie Fluxx. Mainly because it always seems she gets him and can't win. I love being mean, and having larry, but playing a goal card that could technically make my friend win, but instead they now have larry and can't!

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