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Re: [Fluxx] Fluxx for American Girls

  • From"N. Frances Moritz" <CtrlAltTabby@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 03 Apr 2008 14:43:05 -0600
James Hazelton wrote:
Whoa, copyright infringement. The least she could do is buy a deck to work off of. And she's distributing the card files for others to print out. She didn't even link to LL's website or anything. Not that I expect much from grown women who play with dolls.

It is cute, though. I wouldn't mind a mini deck of regular Fluxx to go with my ZPIPs.
Yikes, I didn't see the card files! (My connection timed out while I was looking at her pictures.)

I agree that she should have bought a deck. OK, now I'm picturing American Girls playing Stoner Fluxx....