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RE: [Fluxx] Fluxx for American Girls

  • From"Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 4 Apr 2008 09:02:12 -0700 (PDT)
Christopher H. wrote:
> Check out Andy's thoughts on Patents.
> http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Andy/Games/PatentsAndLawsuits.html
> Andy's pretty cool about it.  I don't think he's going to be mad
> about this project, but we can wait to hear from him.

You're right, I don't think Looney Labs would ever sue somebody for
making an Eco-Fluxx set for their dolls to play with, or any similar
personal crafting project. I don't know if they've ever objected to
people basing their personal projects on copyrighted Looney Labs

Still, distributing the file she made was in pretty poor taste. Even
restricting the distribution to her friends is kinda rude.

I made my own personal Aquarius deck several years ago, but while I
make PDFs available on my site for duplicating some of my projects,
that's not one of them.

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans