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[Fluxx] Question about Ni Creeper

  • FromZach Baird <zbaird@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 7 Aug 2008 09:45:55 -0400
Ok so maybe I'm forgetting something, but don't all the other Creepers actually creep around the table? As goals change the creepers change hands right? I can't tell from the text on the "Ni" Creeper whether it is supposed to creep.  Or maybe that's because it's not???

Thanks for the sneak peek! Looking forward to picking up a deck.
(For what it's worth, I got most of the references and I'm one of these people:
--email from Andy Looney
>(To return to that issue,
> the type of person I'm most trying to make this game work for is someone
> who's seen Holy Grail, perhaps a couple of times, and perhaps one or more
> of the other movies, perhaps a couple of times, but only knows Flying
> Circus material from having heard people quote it over and over again, or
> perhaps seeing clips on YouTube.)

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