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Re: [Fluxx] Monty Python Feedback Feedback

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 06 Aug 2008 20:57:48 -0400
On Aug 6, 2008, at 8:41 PM, Joseph Pate wrote:

Hi JB:

Thanks for that! Sometimes I, too, get angry about grammar, especially
instances where a simple test-sentence would clear everything up...
my pet peeve is "between you and I" (where 'you and I' in this case
is interchangeable with 'the two of us', as opposed to two distinct
references labeled 'you' and 'I', in which case the oft-wrong phrase
would actually be correct).  Perhaps it is not common knowledge that
prepositional phrases feature the objective case.

Perhaps also, I have made grammatical errors in my statement(s) above.
Feel free to beat me about the head and shoulders if this is the case.

No idea. I can't figure out what the hell you just said. ;)