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[Fluxx] Thoughts on new Eco-Fluxx cards

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 6 Nov 2009 09:01:51 -0500
A couple of months ago, I was thinking about what sort of Fluxx promo
card could be used for the Aquarius re-release.  (This was before the
actual "Zap A Card" promo was announced.)  I thought about the
Aquarius Wild card, and thought a Keeper that could stand for Earth,
Air, Fire and Water would be fun.  Such a card would fit best with
Eco-Fluxx, which has Dirt, Air and Water, but no Fire ... then I
thought "Hey!  We could add a Fire Creeper to Eco-Fluxx!"

So that's my first idea: A Fire Creeper.  I have not yet tried making
a prototype and testing it, but here are initial thoughts:
- In addition to the typical Creeper instructions, it could say "You
may not win if you have this card unless a Goal says otherwise.  When
you receive this card you must either move an animal Keeper to another
player, or discard a plant Keeper, if you have either on the table.
At the end of your turn, move this card to the next player to take a
turn."  (Mushrooms would count as plants for this purpose.)
- There could be a Forest Fire Goal, which requires Fire and any Tree
Keeper.  (Receiving Fire would not require discarding a Tree if you
have an animal you can move.)

Elaborations of this idea eventually occurred to me.  I thought of a
Disaster Creeper, which could have several Goals derived from it:
- Flood: Disaster and Water
- Drought: Disaster and Sunshine
- Storm: Disaster and Air
- Earthquake: Disaster and Dirt
- Forest Fire: Disaster and Fire (a different way of doing this Goal)
- There would be a way to move the Creeper(s), either on Disaster
itself and/or through Actions
- There would also be a card that allowed discarding Creepers, and one
that nullified their prohibiting a win, e.g. "It Is All Part of



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