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[Fluxx] Martian Fluxx Blanxx - Red Weed

  • FromSam Melnick <samelnicomposer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 21 Dec 2009 22:37:38 -0800 (PST)
During the holidays, I was gifted with a set of Fluxx Blanxx and  
decided to add them to my Martian Fluxx.  So, I did some research on  
Martians and discovered red weed, a fictional plant.  Based on that  
information, I created a set of Blanxx based on red weed.  I  
playtested them, and they worked!  So, I decided to share these red  
weed cards so you can add them to your Martian Fluxx if you do so  

Keeper-Red Weed (It makes Mars red!)
-Discard this card instantly if you have Germs on the table in front  
of you.

Creeper-Green Earth Plant (Humans like it, Martians don't)
-You cannot win if you have this card unless the Goal says otherwise.   
If someone places a human in front of them, pass this card to them.   
If you have Red Weed on the table in front of you, discard this card.

Goal-Another Red Planet
-You win if you have Red Weed and either Earth or The Canal on the  

New Rule-Explosive Plant Reproduction (It's clogging canals and  
covering Earth!)
-If Red Weed is on the table, no one can use Earth or The Canal to win  
(unless the Goal requires Red Weed) and the Green Earth Plant is  
discarded instantly.

Action-Invasive Species (It's invadin' Earth!)
-Move Red Weed to another player.  If it is not on the table, look  
through the discard pile or deck and put it in front of any player.   
If it is in someone's hand, they play it in front of them at once.

There you go, I hope you enjoy!


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