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  • From"Ryan Hackel" <deeplogic@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 30 Aug 2005 13:23:22 -0400 (EDT)

For those of you on the mailing list who aren't already aware:

>From this neophyte Icer's perspective, SLICK is about three years out of date.  Back when I discovered the Icehouse system, I frequented the SLICK, but was confounded by broken links.  There seemed to be no way to parse the tried and true from the undeveloped concepts.  Add in the fact that few (if any) games had been added since 2002, and I got frustrated.

However, I've been helping Icehousegames.org (the unofficial Icehouse community's wiki) become the 'unofficial SLICK', one where games can be submitted and referenced by anyone.  Hopefully an open system like a wiki can help prevent the obsolescence that has plagued the SLICK.  Please feel free to flesh out the existing entries, or add unlisted games.  You can even browse game designs in progress, and try out untested games.

I strongly encourage the SLICK to be improved; it does have some advantages over the wiki (such as sorting by number of players or stashes).  However I realize that as a closed site, updating the SLICK falls into the hands of a few very busy individuals.

SLICK remains Looney Labs' official list, and they are certainly entitled to maintain The Official List.  Even if the wiki becomes the de facto games list, I don't wish to usurp Looney Labs from maintaining the official list.  The Icehouse community probably would not handle and turf wars over who gets to keep The List.  Overall, I think the community is stronger by having both lists.


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SLICK will one day live again. I hacked some PHP code together to duplicate<br>current SLICK functionality, as a first phase in a plan to get SLICK back to<br>some cool dynamic stuff.  Unfortunately, several time crunches in the lives<br>of several folks involved have kept the new code from coming to life.  It<br>will, though.  It will.<br><br>Topher <br><br>-----Original Message-----<br>From: icehouse-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>[mailto:icehouse-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Roger Burton<br>West<br>Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 11:27 AM<br>To: Icehouse Discussion List<br>Subject: Re: [Icehouse] Fifth ICE Game Design Contest entries are online<br><br>On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 11:22:22AM -0400, Carlton Noles wrote:<br>>Just wondering about:<br>>http://icehousegames.org/wiki/?title=IceBerg<br><br>Utterly unrelated to my entry; I assumed that SLICK was being kept up to<br>date when deciding on the 
name.<br><br>Roger<br>_______________________________________________<br>Icehouse mailing list<br>Icehouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>http://lists.looneylabs.com/mailman/listinfo/icehouse<br><br><br>_______________________________________________<br>Icehouse mailing list<br>Icehouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>http://lists.looneylabs.com/mailman/listinfo/icehouse<br>

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