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Re: [Icehouse] playtest request from Kristin (fwd)

  • FromRagnardove@xxxxxxx
  • DateSat, 21 Jan 2006 16:25:42 EST
OK.  Tried a few games of Treehouse.  I just printed out the rules and tossed them  cold at my husband and said "Let's try this."  We liked it! 
I've read a few of the other comments already posted, and I think they may have some merit, but imho the rules are fine as is.  We agree that perhaps the "capping/stacking" definition which feels so intuitive to us my need more clarification to a newbie-to-Icehouse person.
People will always read more (or less) into whatever rules are written.  I think simply reading the rules as they are is sufficient to play the game.  Granted, we're not just "casual gamers" and the rules are quite sparse but just about right.  Yes, pictures and such will help (and online there can be dozens of pictures) but as we were figuring things out in our first game, we'd go back and realize that the rules covered just about all of our questions - and the one it didn't cover (see below) was much more of a "rules-lawyer" sort of question that can be easily dealt with ahead of time.
Our one rules-lawyer sort of question dealt w/ orientation.  Say the House's line is oriented East-West (East being the "forward" point).  Does that mean that if my trio is oriented North-South it will never match the House?  Or if my "forward" is towards the West, does that matter?  I know, it's a REALLY picky point, but that's the only one we had any significant questions about after our first couple of games.  We decided that since the rules state that you are always to keep your pieces "oriented the same way as the House" then that meant East-West, with East being forward.  (My Zendo tendencies jumped in here too much - I felt the pieces were oriented to themselves and mirror images/rotations were acceptable, but after reading that orientation part of the rules again and deciding that K.I.S.S. was the watchword of the day, we went with "oriented exactly like the House" in our games). 
hope that helps