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Re: [Icehouse] playtest request from Kristin (fwd)

  • FromRagnardove@xxxxxxx
  • DateSat, 21 Jan 2006 16:32:25 EST
In a message dated 1/21/2006 2:02:02 P.M. Central Standard Time, dean@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
2-Swap made sense to us as well, however seeing some of the swaps we
made, definately made us question if we were playing it correctly.
questsion, is a swap ever able to be made in the house? we played that
if you could take the action on the house only if you couldn't take the
action on your pieces.  therefore, swapping is always able to be done on
your own pieces, never the house.  Target trio is confusing in this rule
if that's the case.
We played it the same way  (only take actions on the House if you can't take the action on your own trio).   However, you CAN swap on the House, if you roll a 6.  The Wild action can be taken on your choice of House or your own trio.