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RE: [Icehouse] Ruminations on Treehouse

  • FromScott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Jan 2006 07:45:23 -0800
Heh, well, some of the biggest problems with the single stash games is
that the general public and retailers don't know about them, thus the
idea of adding them to the tubes where possible.  This gives
non-Icehouse fanatics more of a reason to pick up a stash or two.  It
also gives the retailers more of a reason to stock the single stashes.
Right now, none of the three local hobby shops in town carry Icehouse
pieces, although they all carry Fluxx and some of the other Looney Labs

Now, I can order Icehouse games and stashes through the hobby shops, but
that won't get the casual buyer to pick them up.  As a matter of fact,
the Icehouse set I picked up from the FLGS was an old Martian Chess set
that they had sitting on their shelf for quite some time.  I'll say that
I'm not sorry that it hadn't sold as that gave me the chance to get it,
but I will say that I wish they sold more Icehouse stuff.  I may just
have to make a deal with them when the Treehouse stashes come out.

We also have many retailers who don't know about ICE-7 because they
order through their distributors.  If the distributor doesn't carry it,
or push them to pick them up, or whatever, they won't have them to give
out, as well as the catalogs.  And, even if the retailer does have the
ICE-7 and/or the catalogs, that doesn't always mean that the customer
will know that.  They may think that this is the only game that you can
play with Icehouse pieces.  And, even though it says to visit
looneylabs.com for more rules, most people won't have a computer with
them at the game store, and many won't think about it when they get
home, unless they buy the game.

I think it's important to remember that things like Treehouse and
popularizing single stash games are goals aimed at bringing Icehouse
games into the eye of the general public in an inexpensive manner.  (I
think that's the goal anyway.)  Those of us on this mailing list already
know about Icehouse and support it as best we can.

Sheas, I talk too much.

Ok, two more things, quickly and they relate.

Terminology, I was wondering if we might try and make a glossary of
terms for Icehouse, maybe have it on the website somewhere, a section of
general terms, and then maybe sections devoted to terms for specific
games. i.e. nest would be a general term and it means the placement of a
smaller pyramid inside of a larger one, while koan would be specific to
Zendo (at least at this point) and refers to the structure of pyramids
created by the master or by the student.  Several of these terms are
already defined under Zendo, but new players will have no idea to look

Also, the Rules Images, making a set of standardized rules images and a
glossary showing what they mean may also be helpful.  For most of us,
they are relatively easy to figure out, but they may be confusing for a
new player.  It can also be a nice easy way to pass information
regardless of language as well as make for nicer looking quick-reference
sheets.  I know that Fluxx translates fairly easily because of the
strong reliance on imagery used on the cards, as does Aquarius.

Ok, enough for now,
Scot Sulzer
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Color balance:
It also occurred to me that the Rainbow tube of Treehouse could also
make a great 'extra pieces' expansion for Zendo, since those I know who
have the bosed set wish it had more pieces in it.  Three tubes of
Rainbow Treehouse would also be the best way to get a binary Homeworlds
set at this time.

Single Stash:
As for more single stash games, ICE-7 comes with Tic-Tac-Doh, and
retailers are (or should be) handing them out with the purchase of
pyramids, so each Treehouse set already comes with a playable
single-stash game beyond Treehouse itself.  IceSickle is playable with
the Treehouse tube, and it comes free in the Looney Labs catalog.  For
other single-stash games, here's a list:

I think this is a good time to introduce Icehouse jargon.  I'd rather
see proper terminology with a concise explanation than to use terms that
are inconsistant with other Icehouse products.  'Upright' is intuitive
enough, but 'flat' or 'nest' may need some more explanation.  I agree
with previous comments that consistancy of language on the Treehouse
rules is important.

---Ryan Hackel, novICE

 --- On Mon 01/23, John G Bell < jgbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 01:42:55 -0800
Subject: [Icehouse] about treehouse colours and things

<br>On Jan 23, 2006, at 1:25 AM, icehouse-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<br>wrote:<br><br>> I might go along with the Tree House is always
green...<br><br>I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but it
occurs to me that  <br>an Treehouse set all the same colour might look
too much like a  <br>regular set of pyramids. The advantage to having
mixed colours, for a  <br>retailer, is that they look
different.<br><br>Also, the rainbow shows off the cool variety of
colours.<br><br>Everyone should start thinking of alternate games with
the minimal  <br>sets these would provide. What about a mini volcano or
mini martian  <br>chess ruleset?<br><br>Getting the price point below
$10 could turn out to be an awesome  <br>move. When I heard the price
target, I thought about getting sets for  <br>all the people I
ouse mailing 

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